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Business Continuity

Consider how important IT is to your business and what the effect would be if disaster struck. 

Recent research has shown that disruption can be fatal. In organisations that do not have a recovery plan, 43 per cent will never re-open, 80 per cent will fail within 13 months and 53 per cent fail to recoup losses incurred as a result of the incident.

To enable the impact resulting from an incident or interruption to be properly understood there needs to be an understanding of the business recovery requirements. As well as identifying and planning the resources that would be needed in the worst case scenario and ensuring their availability.

Plus the creation of a documented recovery plan based on well thought out, valid assumptions ensuring it is properly understood by all who are likely to use it. Then periodically testing the plan, including resources and the people involved, ensuring everything is valid and up to date, capabilities are tested and assurance given as to the fitness for purpose of the plan.

AD Network Solutions can work with you to eliminate any risk to your business by providing a solution that is entirely appropriate and relevant to your organisation.