With internet connectivity now recognised as the fourth utility, it has never been more important for business centres and parks to provide high-speed connectivity services for their tenants.

At ADNS we create fully managed secure networks, sharing high-speed connections with redundancy among tenants, providing each tenant with their own private internet connection. We can also add firewall services, providing high-level features such as content filtering, AMP (advanced malware protection) and IDS/IPS (intrusion detection/[provention system). This can be sold as an added feature by the business centre, or as a value-added feature of the tenancy agreement.   

We manage over 500 circuits across business centres and parks, containing thousands of tenants, providing Wi-Fi across centres as well as communication solutions where required.  

Our managed solutions mean that business centres and park can provide a cheaper option for small businesses through both our wired and over the air solutions. Across many business parks, we also have the option of tapping into dark fibre circuits, allowing us to create our own circuits within a park. 

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