Our Wireless WAN Services span both Rural locations and Business Parks with speeds of up to 1Gb, perfect for areas where wired connections cannot reach.


When wired connections aren't an option.


Most people take for granted that the UK has superfast internet everywhere, when in fact in many locations the investment in the infrastructure is lagging.  The most common of these are rural areas and even business parks. The income from the investment of the infrastructure plays a primary role in the ISP's deciding where to roll out superfast fibre connections next.  Business Parks have access to the more expensive Leased Lines, so an ISP implementing the cheaper option doesn't always make sense. 

There are targets set by the UK Goverment on tackling this, however in the meantime many businesses are left high and dry with extremely slow connection speeds just as most services are moving to the Cloud which dicatates the requirement for better internet.

We have implemented many wireless internet solutions across major business parks and rural areas, if you're one of the businesses struggling with connectivity, contact us for a free survey to see if we can help.





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