About us

Our mission is to provide secure, innovative IT Solutions and Support which cost effectively enhance our customer’s business objectives.

Based in the north east of England with offices in Middlesbrough and Gateshead we offer nationwide world class IT solutions with a sharp focus on accelerating business growth and boosting efficiency.

That’s precisely how our business is run; recording an unprecedented profitable growth rate of over 2,700 per cent over the past seven years, AD Network Solutions exist to excel in everything we do. Our approach is both flexible and far reaching and addresses the issues today’s modern IT challenges offer including application, collaboration, infrastructure, network, mobile and IT security services. WE provide IT, Communication, Network & Security solutions delivering flexible, fast and efficient systems which we engineer specifically for your business. With systems that are efficient and responsive to your business, you are able to achieve real results, enabling you to shift resource investment to strategic initiatives rather than tactical functions The issues you face will be investigated and answers found that will work to your competitive advantage. We offer solutions and services tailored to your specific needs. That could be managing your entire IT function or supporting your existing resource, providing strategic consultancy or practical support when and where you need it. Your industry, the size and shape of your business, the kind of work your people do and where they do it are the things that determine your strategy. With systems that are efficient and responsive to your business, you are able to achieve real results, enabling you to shift resource investment to strategic initiatives rather than tactical functions. This should be your objective, and with our specialist support, we can help you reach it. Most successful businesses are underpinned by quality IT infrastructure. If yours is less than the quality you need it to be, you need to speak to us.

Meet the team
Jamie Allinson
Managing Director
John Lupton
Commercial Director
Mike Handley
Commercial Manager
Dave Miller
Service Delivery Manager
Megan Stocks
Operations Lead
Lauren Pearsall
Financial Controller
Wayne Green
Purchase & Provisioning Manager
Chris Nimmo
Customer Services Manager
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We aim to be a nationwide best value provider of IT Support and Solutions through our exceptional customer service, capability and skill sets

Our promise to you…

We will strive to make sure our customer service is to the highest standard possible, ensuring you feel you’re being dealt with in the most professional manner. Our main aim is to be able to deliver a very effective, high level of service as efficiently as possible. To achieve and maintain our aim, your feedback is invaluable – if you feel we are not performing as well as we should be or you feel we are doing something really well, let us know.

We will:
About Promise

Offer a service you can rely on

About Promise

Respond to your enquiries promptly and efficiently

About Promise

See it from your point of view, we don’t assume that we know best so we make decisions with you in mind

About Promise

Be polite, professional and committed to helping you at all times

About Promise

Ensure our services are accessible and easy to use

About Promise

Try to keep to appointment times and tell you when there are delays

About Promise

Treat everyone fairly and equally, with dignity and respect

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Communicate clearly without the use of jargon

About Promise

Be helpful, sensitive and responsive to your needs

About Promise

Listen to your feedback and act upon it, trying to continuously improve the service to you