Almost every business location receives visitors, be it staff, suppliers, or contractors. Providing your Staff with the ability to recognise a visitor onsite is hugely important, as is knowing who is on site at any given point. There is also the GDPR requirement to protect their data...


Easily Identifiable Visitors


ADNS has GDPR compliant solutions to enable your business to manage effectively everyone who comes onto the premises. Each solution is fully customisable depending on the site needs.

A visitor management system helps a busy reception to quickly capture visitor information in a structured way, provide site specific information and keep accurate visitor records.

Businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe environment whilst staff or visitors are onsite including the ability to do a roll call in th eevent of a fire, this is a key part of this is knowing who is on premises and making sure any authorised visitors are easily identifiable. 

Our solutions are Cloud based with entry devices onsite, meaning all of a business' locations can be captured in a single system.

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