ADNS has been operating as a full External IT Department across the North East to customers since 2008.  Most SME's do not have the budget to employee a dedicated IT Professional, and employing our services as your IT Department gives a business much more for a significantly less outlay.  


Onsite When You Need IT


We understand that not every business works in the same way and therfore we do not apply a one size fits all solution. A dedicated Account Manager is allocated to help support you, and your staff will have access to a full IT Department. We tailor our solutions around your needs and requirements, starting with an Informatiomns Systems Audit.

From here we can then look at how you are operating, before looking at providing an Development Plan.  This plan incorporates everything your business needs to achieve now and in the future, taking into account potential growth within your organiation and helping you budget in line with this growth.  We proactively manage your Cyber Security ensuring that your business is best equipped to deal with any looming threat, or indeed any changes of legislation in Data Protection.  

Building a plan from the outset ensures that you are able to have confidence in your systems to deliver what you need, when you need it.  Any improvements are implemented with minimal disruption. Your staff will get to know our technicains as their own, this familiarity helps us to know how your business likes to operate. Everything we do, will be for the benefit of your business as we will treat your systems as though our own, meaning we take the security and safety of your Data as a priority.

The Technology Sector isn't a 'jack of all trades' sector, and with ADNS you will get access to Desktop Technicians, Network Technicians, Server Technicians, Cloud Specialists, Cyber Security Specialists, Application Developers, Consultancy and much more. 

Predominantly supporting customers in the North East of England and Scotland, we also have a presence in North West, Midlands, and South of England.

ADNS is your external IT department.


IT Service Desk
Managed Network Support
Managed Business Centre / Parks