Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning is now an essential component to your Cyber Resilience planning.  Identifying vulnerabilities in your systems and work patterns can not only save your organisation from monetary fines, it can protect your reputation and your business.


What's the difference between Pen Testing and Vulnerability Scanning?


Vulnerabilty Scanning is a collection of maintenance procedure's completed on the companies assets, such as network, servers, client devices, and websites.  It's a procedure that can be completed weekly / monthly, and with some automation that will flag vulnerabilities in your systems.  These vulnerabilities should be patched to avoid exploitation of business systems.

A Penetration Test most of the time is not fully automated.  This will involve a qualified Ethical Hacker hard targeting your systems and trying to exploit them.  A report will be generated that will include and security issues uncovered, and a level of risk associated.  A recommendation of fixing these security issues will also be provided.

ADNS have inhouse expertise to complete both Vulnerability Scanning and Pen Testing for customers.  Many certifications require at least an annual Pen Test for compliance, however we recommend as best practise an organisation completing them at least on an annual basis.

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