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Perimeter Security

Secure your site remotely with cloud-based security solutions

With enterprise video and access control integrated into one seamless platform, you can monitor and secure your site anywhere, anytime. The centralized management platform allows you to track any door events with correlating real-time footage.

All cameras come with built-in video retention including options for 365 days continuous recording saved straight to the cloud should you need the footage later. Verkada's line of hybrid cloud cameras utilizes powerful on-board processing to deliver advanced AI analytic insight across your organisation. This allows you to track people and vehicles across your site with advanced search filters including hair colour, gender, car colour, car make, etc.

With door access systems in place, you can remotely manage who has can enter your site and where they can go once inside. Employees can also download the Verkada pass app to turn their phone into a keycard making managing access even easier. From the management software, you can filter any door based events like unlocks, access granted or access denied.