Zoom-Bombing becoming a major issue for business
31st Mar 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

Zoom conferencing under siege by uninvited guests

The popular video conferencing app Zoom is under scrutiny as the practice known as "Zoom-Booming" is on the rise. This is where uninvited attendees can view your business meetings, or even take over the conference sharing images and files of their choosing.

The sudden influx in zoom calls getting joined by uninvited guests is due to the increase in people working from home and conferencing with other collegues. This has made Zoom a larger target as many users are still unfamiliar with the features of the app, sharing their meetings on social media allowing easier access to uninvited users.

As this becomes a larger issue users privacy is brought to question as it was found that the app was sending data to Facebook giving more people access to private meeting and personal information.

In a statement from Zoom they apologized for these recent events and urged users to change their meeting settings, by only allowing hosts to share their screen then even if an uninvited party gains access they wont be able to disrupt meetings. They also recommend that password protection is turned on as default to keep connections private, any issues should be instantly reported so the company can take appropriate action as swiftly as possible.

There are also multiple reports of zoom giving users personal data to Facebook for advertising purposes even if the user doesn't have a Facebook account. Zoom denies selling its user personal data however this week the company was accused of failing to 'properly safeguard personal information' of the million of users on the platform.

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