Windows 7 end of life
29th Jan 2020 In News By Jack Francis

The end of an era leads to potential security problems for millions.

After more than 10 years it seems all good things must come to an end, so is the case of Windows 7. Gracing our monitors in October of 2009 and selling over 630 million licenses worldwide Microsoft have officially retired the operating system as of the 14th of January. However Windows 7 still commands over 26% of the windows market share, a figure that includes millions of home and business users. So what does this mean for all those still running this system?

Most of all it means leaving your computer systems more vulnerable to malware attacks. Now that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 you will no longer receive security updates protecting the system from cyber attacks, it also means Microsoft will no longer give any technical support from their customer service line. The OS will still be active for those already using windows 7  but do so at your own risk as without security patches your system is susceptible to all kinds of vicious malware.

So maybe its time to move on from a decade old OS and stay on top of your cyber security, as if you're reading this unfortunately the time to upgrade for free has expired. ADNS Group can secure your Business and upgrade your software and hardware. Call us on 01642 248 750, we look forward to helping you move to a secure operating system.