Windows 10 Updates Still Causing System Failures
25th Feb 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

Windows update prompts major warnings to all Windows 10 users

Latest 'patch Tuesday' update to Windows 10 software is causing upraw among users after countless reports of system freezes and crashes across all systems from home users all the way to enterprise & servers. Thankfully the update was only live for four days before being pulled by Microsoft in hopes of rectifying the issues the update caused however this wont help those already effected by the buggy patch.

Users may have been more forgiving of this patches issues if it had been the first issue but unfortunately for Microsoft this was coming off the back of an even worse update. Another recent security fix released was reported to be causing boot failures as well as the dreaded blue screen of death caused by major system failures. Microsoft has so far only addressed minor issues surrounding the new updates.

This hasn't stopped users from coming forward with even more issues surrounding the updates including the loss of files. Multiple reports of people claiming saved files on windows devices are disappearing at the hands of the Microsoft update. The spread of these issues have been halted by recalling the update leaving those affected left behind to pick up the pieces of their broken systems.

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