Why Choose Managed Microsoft Office 365?
7th Feb 2024 In News By ADNS IT Expert

For many, 2020 was a year to forget. 

We won’t go into the reasons why and we’re sure you won’t need reminding. But one of the things that the ‘worst year in history’ showed us was just how connected we are. 

From school classes going online, to the front room becoming the office and the rise of working from home, it seemed that our connectivity had allowed most aspects of our daily life to continue - albeit under some very different circumstances. 

Early Days 

But it wasn’t the first time that we’ve been able to work securely, anywhere, anytime. Launched worldwide in 2011, as Office 365, Microsoft’s 365 suite revolutionised the way we do business. 

The cloud based service launched allowed access to the full office suite and could be accessed online from anywhere, with the cloud allowing safe, secure storage and backups, without the need for external storage devices.


Upon its launch, Microsoft spoke of how:

“...people can work together more easily from anywhere on virtually any device, while collaborating with others inside and outside their organisation…”

They couldn't have been more correct. By 2016, 365 had more than 70 million users worldwide - a number which had increased to over 300 million users by 2022, with 65 million new users joining between 2021 - 2022. 

Advantages of Microsoft 365

Bringing it back to today, just why has the Microsoft 365 suite become such a staple of the working world? 

For anyone with experience of using Microsoft’s ‘traditional’ Office suite, you’ll know how easy it is to use. This ease of use and familiarity has carried across to the cloud version of the suite. 

It’s also incredibly secure. In years gone past, backups of data were often stored externally on USB pen drives or on an external HDD. This was fine - until they got lost or stolen. We loved them at the time but in truth they were always a bit of a security risk! 

As mentioned earlier however, cloud storage is a lot simpler, a lot more secure with changes updated in real time. 

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