What is the No More Ransom Project
12th Aug 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

Unlock your digital life without paying your attackers

The No More Ransom Project has been set up with the sole purpose of protecting internet users from ransomware attacks without paying the criminals. With the help of multiple law enforcement agencies and IT security companies the project is designed to disrupt cyber criminals businesses with ransomware connections.

The 'No More Ransom' initiative was originally founded by the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands' police force, Europols' European Cybercrime Centre, Kaspersky and McAfee. As the initiative began helping ransomware victims retrieve their encripted data without paying the ransom more law enforcement agencies and IT companies joined in helping with the project.

As all parties involved in the project are aware that it is much easier to avoid ransomware than fight against it once a system is affected, this is why the project also aims to educate internet users on how ransomware attacks work and what countermeasures can be taken to effectively prevent a system becoming corrupted.

The website contains a large catalog of known ransomware all with tools designed to decrypt files effected by ransomware once the malware is removed which should reduce the loss of important files after an attack. The 'Cypto Sheriff' feature can scan affected files to try and find a solution or decryption code. This feature also allows you to enter and email domains, web URL's, onion and or bitcoin address related to the ransomware attack to be stored in a database to help with future attacks.

The site also contains a step by step process to prevent a ransomware attack that has been developed with all parties involved in the project the help give the best possible advice to all internet users. 

 To this day the No More Ransom project is recovering encrypted files without paying anything to the criminal parties involved in encrypting said files. For a more in depth look into the project go to https://www.nomoreransom.org/en/index.html.

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