What to expect from Windows 11
7th Jul 2021 In News By Jack Francis

 6 years since the release of Windows 10 Microsoft have finally launched their new operating system. We've compiled a list of some of the new features to expect from the upcoming OS.

  • A new user interface with rounded corners, new desktop wallpapers, pastel colours, and a centered Start Menu & Taskbar. The new UI has been compared to the Mac interface and the scrapped Windows 10X project.
  • Android apps are coming to Windows via the Amazon Appstore
  • According to Panay, the revamped app store is faster and "the safest way and more secure way to get your apps on Windows"
  • You'll be able to access widgets directly from the taskbar and with the use of AI personalise the content.
  • For all Teams users, it will be integrated directly into the Taskbar. This will allow you to initiate calls and meetings as well as mute yourself.
  • Xbox is still a large part of Microsoft so it should come as no surprise that there are some updates for PC gaming within Windows 11. The OS will include features like Auto HDR and DirectStorage which can be found within an Xbox with the purpose of improving PC gaming capabilities.
  • 'Snap Layouts' make multi-tasking and transitioning from desktop to laptop easier. You can create collections of the apps you’re using that sit in the Taskbar and can then be max/minimised at once allowing you to switch between tasks seamlessly.
  • Longer battery life. Windows 11 will deliver more performance whilst browsing the internet with Microsoft Edge. Updates will also be 40% smaller and fewer with only one per year as opposed to the 2 per year with Windows 10.