Unifi switches, a powerful tool for business
1st Jul 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

Why Switch to Unify?

UniFi offers powerful switches at varying size & specification to fit any organizations needs.

When accessing the internet or any network, small units of data called packets are sent and received. When one or more of these packets fails to reach its intended destination, this is called packet loss. For users, packet loss manifests itself in the form of network disruption, slow service and even total loss of network connectivity.

UniFi switch models offer the forwarding capacity to simultaneously process your organisations' traffic on multiple ports at line rate without any packet loss. There are models to support every business from 16 port models supporting up to 26 Gbps all the way to 48 port models running on 70 Gbps.

Two SPF ports support uplinks of up to 1 Gbps. For high-capacity uplinks, each 48 port models include two SFP+ ports for uplinks of up to Gbps.

All UniFi switches integrate seamlessly into the UniFi Software-Defined Networking platform creating a highly scalable end to end system of network devices across multiple locations. This is all controlled from a single centralized interface. Each site is logically separated and has its own network monitoring: configurations, maps, statistics, snd admin accounts.

For more information to find the switch that's right for your business from an authorized reseller Click2Talk and take the next step to a more efficient integrated network.