School Payment service hit with cyber attack
14th Oct 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

Parents who have made payments to UK schools over the past few weeks via Wisepay have been warned that their card details may have been compromised.

The Wisepay website was hacked allowing the attackers to create a spoof page to steal credentials from the 2nd to the 5th of October. Attempted payments to over 300 different schools have been affected by the scam.

The firm claim that only a small number of parents would have used the system before it was taken down. The attack occurred sometime on the Friday night but went completely unnoticed till the following Monday morning, at this point the website was taken down for maintenance. The website has since come back online and is safe to use according to Richard Grazier from Wisepay.

However, we still don't know how the cybercriminals plan to use the credit card details they have gained access to. The best advice for anyone who has used Wisepay is to keep an eye on your accounts to monitor for suspicious activity, the quicker it is spotted the quicker it can be resolved. For more cybersecurity news and tips on avoiding cybercrime follow ADNS group on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter today.