Remote working due to coronavirus & how to do it securely
10th Mar 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

5 Easy steps to securely work from home

Make sure its easy for users to get started

The three key things that need to be set up easily and correctly are encryption, protection & patching. Encryption protects any data on the device if it is stollen meaning it is importiant that full device encription is turned on and activated; protection means starting off with known security measures in place such as antivirus software configured in a way that you want while also protecting the system; patching is ensuring the users get as many security updates as possible automaticlly so they dont get forgotten.

Make sure users can do what they need

If a user needs access to a certain server or system to properly do their job then it is pointless sending them home without access to the systems they need. Make sure that employees have access to any files or software they might need to do their job effectivly, if there are any issues with getting access it is importiant to raise these issues instead of letting them find out for themselves as this can lead to even more problems.

Make sure you can see what your users are doing

It is importiant not to leave employees to their own devices, being able to check the work of employees while having clear expectations of what they should do meaning any issues can be quickly and effectivly resolved. If automatic updates are set up then you need a way of checking that the updates are working and have a way of being able to fix any issues that arise.

Ensure there is somewhere to report security issues

When it comes to cyber attacks anyone can be targeted so it is importiant that employees have somewhere to report any possible security issues without fear of being judged, criticised or ignored.Enforce that users only communicate by using the email or phone you have provided them with. If they dont make contact using links or phone numbers suppled by email, they are much less likely to be scammed by phishing.

Be aware of 'shadow IT' solutions

Shaddow IT is where non-IT staff find their own way to solve their technical problems for convenience or speed. When out of office with a lack of communication employees will oftern find ways of colaborating online potentialy with tools theyve never tried before. This can be a risk if it goes wrong however it can also be an issue if it goes well, potentially it becomes a vibrant and importiant part of the companys online pressence so make sure you know the information on the software being used in case of passwords being lost or cards being canceled ect.

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