New features in 3cx's latest update
29th Apr 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

3CX continues to roll out new features

As anyone who already uses 3cx will know, the company is constantly taking on user feedback when implementing new features or making tweaks to existing functions. The latest updates rolled out over the past few months have been no different. Here, we will explore just a few of the new features and how they can enhance your business communications.

1-New 3cx Android App

The new Android app allows for office communications to be brought with you wherever you go.

The app has added two new features to make the app even more powerful. The first is a video call system, with one click the user can instantly switch from call to a face to face conversation.

The second is the new instant response system in chats that will give one click responses based on the context of the message.

2-New iOS App

3CX has rewritten its iOS app from scratch using Swift as this makes the app much easier to maintain and is one of the quickest systems to use with Apple products.

The app allows for three-way calls to be made while already in an active call with the 'New call' button. There have been updates to the security features in the app there's even an onscreen padlock to notify you that your call in encrypted.

3-Google Storage

3CX's Update 5 will include a new features that will make it simpler for users who use Google's cloud platform. Users will be able to quickly store backups and archive recordings to a 'bucket' from a simple dropdown menu to allow for later review.

4-Personalized Audio

You can now personalize your audio preferences in the web and chrome extension. By setting different devices to  the speaker and ringer options on the settings page you can hear incoming calls and listen to call audio on separate headsets or speakers.

5-New Chrome Extension

The December update to 3CX's chrome extension brought two handy enhancements, perhaps the biggest is that call alerts will pop up even if the browser is minimized, now there's no excuse for missing that call.

In addition, if you're browsing the web and come across a number, you can jump in and launch a call directly from the window you're using no matter what type of device in being used.

So if you're not enjoying the benefits of 3CX telecommunications systems now is the time to get yours from a gold standard certified partner, call us at 01642 248 750 or message us at to see what 3CX can offer you and your business.