Microsoft Licences Explained
21st Nov 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

With the recent changes to the Microsoft licences its important to know what the differences are as well as understanding of the tools included in your licence.

Business Basic

Microsofts cheapest business licence is based entirely on cloud services for businesses that can work exclusively online. The secure cloud services include Teams, Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint along with Microsoft's Office apps (online & mobile version only) Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This licence can only be utilized with a constant internet connection, workers who have to travel or work offline in their role wouldn't be suitable for this level of licencing.

Business Standard

For a business that needs remote work and collaboration tools need a Business Standard licence as a minimum. It contains all the tools in the Business Basic plan along with the desktop versions of all the premium office apps including some tools you might have never heard of such as:

Power Automate- Create apps without coding simply drag and drop the elements that you and your business need.

Bookings- Check the availability of users and set up meetings or appointments. It can also be built into your website or even your Facebook page.

Mile IQ- Track miles travelled on the job automatically and produce mile reports.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)-  Wipe any corporate data or all data from a mobile device anywhere. Block unsupported devices from accessing Exchange, view which policies have been applied to a device and see which devices aren't compliant.

Business Premium

Business Premium has the same tools as the Standard licence with some additional safety features:

Azure Active Directory- Give your employees remote access to on-site apps without opening broad access to your network and control where, when and who connects to your office apps with conditional access with the ability to add or remove users to security groups.

Defender Antivirus- With Defender for Office365 you're protected from malicious links in email and teams with real-time scanning using ATP Safe Links. Stay protected against impersonation spoofing with ATP anti-phishing 

Azure Information Protection- Prevent sensitive information being shared, forwarded, printed or viewed by non-employees.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)- Manage which apps can be used to access work email or files on personal devices. Securely remove corporate data from mobile apps.

And many more for only an extra £5.70 a month, so the question you really need to ask now is how much is your companies data worth to you? If your answer is more than £5 then maybe its time to upgrade your Microsoft licences, for more information on Business standard and premium licences get in touch today on 01642 248 750 or