Microsoft Announce New 365 Capabilities
21st Sep 2022 In News By Scott Thornhill

Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed they have introduced 6 new capabilities for Microsoft 365 that can assist businesses stay connected and get things done. The new update has been the result of the increasing security risks and challenges that have appeared due to the recent changes in how businesses operate.


#1 Citrix HDX Plus: Allows I.T. capabilities to cover the hybrid work experience on cloud services while delivering high-performance experience. The application will help employees work with advanced security and policy controls, and even benefit from quality performance in environments experiencing low bandwidth.

#2 Excel Live: Allows people to collaborate on workbooks in real-time while using Teams, by turning the Teams window into a canvas employees can contribute to the workbook without ever leaving the meeting screen.

#3 Windows 365 Business: The new enhancement to this app means that it will make it easier for employees to sign in and out of cloud services by using their Microsoft account and restore a computer to an earlier point in time.

#4 Microsoft Digital Contact Centre Platform: An open and extensive automated contact centre solution, the additional will help Microsoft aim complete satisfaction. By incorporating a variety of voice, video, and other digital engagement channels Microsoft are really working hard to address the needs of employees working in modern settings.

#5 Microsoft Viva Goals: The first employee experience platform that brings together communication, communities, knowledge, learning, goals, and insights—right in the flow of work in Teams. It keeps employees connected. 

#6 Microsoft Viva Engage: A brand new app in Teams that helps build community and connection, along with providing tools for personal expression. Acting as a ‘social networking for the workplace’, Microsoft are jumping on the popularity of website such as LinkedIn and releasing their own, in their own style. With features such as ‘Storyline’ and ‘Stories’ features, employees can connect with co-workers, and share their thoughts, knowledge, passions, and concepts.


While some of the features are already available, such as Microsoft Viva Goals, we are still waiting release dates for some others. The improvements are here to help be smarter and more productive and integrate technologies to help being people working in different locations closer. With the new features minimise any disruption caused by hybrid/remote working is this a sign that the trend, caused by covid, is now here to stay?

Here at ADNS Group we have a dedicated team dedicated to Microsoft applications and features. By keeping up to date with any new features we can pass these onto our clients to help them be more productive themselves.