Key healthcare organisations under threat
6th May 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

Cybercriminals targeting healthcare organisations for personal info in bulk 

Security agencies in the United Kingdom have exposed malicious cyber campaigns designed to target organisations involved in coronavirus response and delivering safety tips.

An advisory organisation for the international healthcare and medical research organisation was published yesterday, the notice advised staff to change any passwords that are potentially unsafe to one with three random words and implement two factor authentication to reduce the threat of compromise.

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have seen a huge increase in 'password spraying' campaigns against healthcare bodies and medical research organisations. Password spraying is where a cybercrime group attempts to gain access to multiple accounts by running through commonly used passwords, attackers have used this method to gain access to personal and corporate accounts and networks. The groups targeting such bodies are attempting to collect personal information in bulk as well as, intellectual property and intelligence.

The director of the National Cyber Security Centre stated that protecting the HealthCare sector is the organisations main priority at this time and they are working closely with the NHS in order to keep their systems safe.

Its not just healthcare systems at risk, cyber attacks on businesses have drastically risen since the start of the UK lockdown. Keep your systems safe from hackers with ADNS, get in touch today via or call us at 01642 248 750 for more information on how we can keep your business safe.