Improved Communication - Healthcare
16th Aug 2021 In Case Studies By Jack Francis

Company Overview 

Established in 2006 as a member organisation and is a not-for-profit provider of community and primary care reinvesting all surplus into primary care services. 

The organisation supports federated GPs across the North East developing innovative solutions to support resilient GPs.


The organisation was limited by a traditional phone system for communication and this created significant issues as more staff were required to work remotely and from home. COVID-19 heightened the need to make a change for the organisation to deliver improved communication tools to their staff and the versatility to work from anywhere.  


ADNS recommended a move to 3cx our preferred communication platform to solve these problems and deliver a dynamic communication solution for the organisation. With an effective and planned deployment, the organisation noticed a huge improvement to their services and now everyone has the ability to work remotely. 

Working with ADNS 

The organisation has been working with ADNS for over 10 years and have entrusted us with the responsibility of their IT infrastructure, Communication, IT Governance & Cyber Security. We will continue to work closely with the organisation to deliver the agreed IT plan focused on getting the most from technology and providing a return on investment. 

Benefits of the Solution 

  • Improved collaboration 

  • Increased productivity 

  • Improved security 

  • Allows easier remote working 

  • Better integration with other applications 


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