"Even Facebook is hackable"
12th Feb 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

On the 7th of February Facebook's official twitter account posted to its 13.4 million followers "Hi we are OurMine. Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security is better than twitters." Panic began to spread as the risk of personal account takeover seemed like the next step for the hacker group, however this never came to fruition as Facebook had control on its accounts withing 30 minutes but this didn't stop the uproar on peoples security when using social media.

Facebook was repeatedly warned about potential security risks that lead to the hack in 2018 involving 50 million accounts and have failed to fix it in time according to a Telegraph reporter. However according to a Facebook spokesperson these claims are 'simply wrong' ,but this doesn't mean that they're not ashamed by the incident. Twitter closed any compromised accounts on Friday and are working with Facebook in order to restore said accounts and limit the damages, Facebook has also stated that now in control of their accounts again they will be doing everything possible to update their software and prevent this from happening again. This will include checking more frequently for suspicious patterns of users using access keys into accounts.

Twitter has confirmed after the hack that the accounts were accessed via a third party communications management company called Khoros and that once they were alerted to this they immediately locked Facebook's accounts.

This incident is the latest in a number of high profile of social media hacks perpetrated by the Ourmine group. It was just last month that the attention seeking group took over Americas National Football league and 15 NFL teams twitter profiles ahead of the Superbowl. They once again were able to gain access to these accounts through Khoros who according to their website had been updating their security measures as a result of these attacks to provide peace of mind to their customers insuring their data will be safe.

However this does raise the question how safe are we really online? Surely if it can happen to large companies like Facebook and Twitter it can happen to anyone. For an evaluation of your cyber security measures and any help updating to keep your data safe call us at 01642 248 750 or send us a message at info@adnsgroup.com to avoid being the next in line for these hacker groups.