Keep Your Company up to Date and in the Know With eLearning
1st Mar 2024 In News By ADNS IT Expert

Things move quickly in the 21st century. 

The world 100m record for example is under 9.6seconds. To put that into perspective, it took us longer than that to write this sentence.

But nothing moves as quickly as technology.

And perhaps nowhere has seen the impact of technology more than the world of work. The ‘office’ is less a place than an idea in 2024, with many working from home and on the road thanks to the safety, security and efficiency of software like Microsoft 365.

Online end user training

One of the main benefits of the technological revolution in the workplace is the way it has made end user training accessible and easy to understand for both employers and employees. 

Staff training is an important part of many industries and for some sectors such as in legal, it's a regulatory requirement. In years gone by, it would have been delivered via in person groups. 

This face-to-face training however often would have had to be scheduled in, taking employees away from any tasks they were currently working on, reducing overall productivity. 

 eLearning solutions

Thanks to innovations in network security and technology however, there is another way. With eLearning solutions, such as that offered by ADNS Group, companies are able to increase their productivity and reduce the risk of staff missing out on the latest training. 

Many work within existing systems. Our new training platform for example works with direct access through Microsoft Teams. It allows training courses on a range of topics including programmes like Word Excel and Mac OS essentials as well as cyber security and business productivity skills. 

The advantages of eLearning extends to monitoring. Gone are the days of manually recording attendees with a pen and paper and with it the risk of anyone missing the session. 

In its place are sleek dashboards designed to give real time feedback on training activity and course progress.


Stay up to date

With things moving as quickly as they do, making sure things stay up to date and your people are informed of any changes as quickly as they are made is vital. 

An eLearning platform allows you to upload the latest training materials and courses as they become available, while keeping everyone involved informed.  


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