In depth: The benefits of Go Connect
1st Nov 2016 In Business By Jacob Egan

You may have seen our recent posts on social media surrounding Go Connect, but what is it? We’re here to provide an in depth analysis of the powerful tool.

Taken from the brochure featured on their website, Go Connect is a tool that helps bridge the gap between your customer records and your telephone systems.

Go Connect is a powerful unified communication software suite that allows you a high level of integration, communication and collaboration with both your Panasonic phone systems and your internal business systems such as office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Go Connect products allow you to work more collaboratively and collectively – always having the caller information you need available quickly and efficiently. Go Connect products are not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and even easier to install.

So now you know what it is, what can it do for your business? Well it’s simple really, it effortlessly improves your current telephony system by automating actions and providing information that’s concise and in depth. Allowing you and your colleagues to be able to respond effectively to incoming calls, whilst also providing an easy way to dial out with just a click of the mouse.

The ease of integration is one of the key points within Go Connect. It works very well with contact databases built through Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and many more. Not only does it work will those contacts, the relationships it holds with CRM systems prove the need for such an intelligent tool. Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce among others to see the real benefits.

The aspect of unified communication is a big highlight, with real time presence so you can keep an eye on who’s available and who isn’t when taking a call, it also comes in very handy when looking to transfer a call.

You can chat with others with ease through the tool and with activity sensing and voicemail integration you can begin to see why this tool is such an important part of any business.

You can control your desk phone from your mobile with Go Connect Mobile, as well as being able to dial calls via PBX, check presence of colleagues. You can pair your mobile with your desk phone to have one unique extension.

That’s not all though, with a dial as you like system you can access an integrated database or address book and use hyperlinks to dial, which we use regularly. You can also use copy and dial to easily initiate phone conversations. With in depth call history you can view detailed information on each individual call.

Sound interesting? We’re able to offer reduced rates on Go Connect so you can reap the benefits too. If you want to find out more or want to purchase the powerful tool for your business give us a call today on 01642 049 750.