Cyber security still under threat from Covid-19
25th Mar 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

As the UK goes into lockdown cyber criminals continue to take advantage of the panic.

As millions of workers across the globe are setting up home offices putting new strains on computer networks, as the federal offices are warning that hackers can smell blood in the water.

However experts say that it may take weeks or even months to have a clear understanding of the amount of damages due to corona related breaches. The expected delay highlights how confusion has created long term security risks that could drain resources as the economy hurtles towards a recession.

Overstretched It teams might not be able to keep up to date on security updates and dealing with any network breaches while business that have already closed become even more vulnerable with no one to deal with security risks. 

The public and private sectors have already faced an array of threats. The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned of an uptick in phishing scams against businesses. The UK National Crime Agency confirmed that it is investigating alleged ransomeware attacks against Hammersmith Medicine Research Ltd, a drug testing company that carried out trials for Ebola and other viral treatments.

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