COVID-19 Changing the way businesses will run into the future
27th May 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

How will video conferencing change the future of business?

Businesses all across the UK that have been forced to switch to working remotely have grown to prefer this working arrangement, some are even questioning if they should continue to lease an office. As the internet providers work relentlessly to offer faster connection speed due to the COVID-19 pandemic which in turn is creating a better infrastructure for remote working. This may lead to a significant number of companys continue to rely on video conferencing solutions.

In the years to come, video conferencing will help to build a more collaborative remote working environment that will keep employees engaged. Below are three key ways that video conferencing will change business in the future:

1) Cost: Video conferencing tools have huge financial benefits for the businesses that utilise them. The ability to collaborate face to face using video calls negates the need to travel for meetings allowing for the travel and accommodations budget to be used elsewhere.

2)Ease of HR process:Virtual meetings, interviews, training even brainstorming sessions can be conducted online for employees across multiple branches, even those outside the country.

3)Workplace structures: Video conferencing increases the flexibility and freedom your teams have. Remote working can improve employees' work-life balance, which will increase your businesses' productivity, employee engagement and retention.

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