Keep your Business Connected this Christmas and Beyond
6th Dec 2023 In News By ADNS IT Expert

Christmas. The festive season. Yuletide. Whatever your name of choice for the annual celebration, there are certain themes that come along with the holiday. One of those is being connected. From long-held friends to long-lost family, December is known for personal connections. 

When the office doors are closed for the week - or two if you’re lucky - how can you ensure your business and its IT are among those remaining connected, merry and bright?


Increasing Productivity 

The Office for National Statistics reports a 35.07% increase in online retail spending in November and December 2022 against the two months prior. 

As you might expect, people are searching and spending more online throughout the festive period. It reinforces just how important it is that businesses stay connected and minimise their downtime over one of the busiest times of the year. If people are searching for what you offer, but they are presented with unresponsive or offline systems, or a lack of information altogether, you could be missing out on potential leads or sales. 


Keeping you Connected

There are several options available for businesses looking to stay connected, not just over the festive season, but all year round. 


  • Leased Lines 

Offering a dedicated connection to your location, leased lines give high speed and a guaranteed service level. It results in a more safe, secure and reliable connection for your business. 

A leased line is perfect for connectivity no matter the time of year. You’ll see improved performance and productivity and reduced downtime. 


  • Broadband

While leased lines offer incredible connectivity, there are parts of the UK where they aren’t available or suitable. For those areas, a broadband connection may be the solution. 

A strong, secured and modern approach to broadband can keep you just as secure as a leased line. 


  • Wireless LAN 

For rural communities, connectivity is vital. Often a physical wired connection isn't possible - be it broadband or leased line. As most services are moving to the cloud, the requirement for better internet speeds has never been in higher demand, meaning a secured, wireless LAN network may be the solution required. 


Health Care - Connected by Design

For those in the health and social care industry, staying connected is a necessity. The current Health and Social Care Circuit Networks (HSCN) were introduced in place of the previous N3 networks. 

The change to HSCN gave care providers improved access to resources and applications. It also meant that they are now free to choose their own provider - many of which choose ADNS. Delivering projects throughout the UK, we have fostered and developed strong working relationships with a number of NHS partners, keeping them connected when it matters most. 


Connectivity on the go

Though most - if not all - businesses are online these days, some rely on telephone lead generation. In fact, Google estimates that 70% of mobile searchers say they regularly call a business from a mobile search ad. 

For those businesses whose phone line is their lifeline, our communication systems have the solution. Take for example Cloud PBX. Offering reliability, functionality and scalability, Cloud PBX allows your system to expand as your business grows - without the need for expensive hardware or large-scale changes to infrastructure. 


Contact ADNS today to discuss how we can keep you connected throughout the festive period, into New Year and beyond with a bespoke connectivity solution. Call 01642 248 750.