Benefits of a HP business server
30th Jun 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

Is your business using a shared business server? Although it may be cheaper sharing there are many benefits to having a server dedicated to your business.

  • A Server protects business information by delivering a more reliable and security-enhanced infrastructure. It includes built-in firewall protection and security-enhanced remote access to help prevent unauthorized users from getting into your network.
  • A Server helps to ensure network health by keeping your PCs and servers current with the latest updates and security patches.
  • A Server prevents data loss with automatic data backups and allows you to easily retrieve accidentally deleted files and restore previous versions.
  • A Server provides one central place to store business information, meaning you can better manage business-critical information. It’s easier for staff to find, access, and share information and schedules.
  • A Server lets you accommodate a mobile workforce. Staff can work from virtually anywhere, anytime, with access to network files, and even business applications from any Internet-enabled PC.
  • A Server enables staff to share resources and equipment such as Internet access, printers, and other devices.
  • A Server allows you to provide high-speed internet access across a network.
  • A Server gives you more processing power. It ‘supercharges’ your network, storing large chunks of data, freeing up memory and enabling individual PCs to perform better.
  • A Server allows you to set up new computers, add users and deploy new applications more quickly and easily.
  • An HP business Server can help you present a more professional image to your customers.
  • A Server can give older PCs a new lease of life – by off-loading their files and data onto a server, older PCs work more quickly and effectively.

Dedicated hosting provides flexibility, scalability, and better management of your own and your customers’ growth. They also offer reliability and peak performance which ensures the best customer experience. Include the option of on-call, around-the-clock server maintenance, and you have found the hosting solution your business is looking for. To make the switch to an HP business server today get in touch with our expert team via Click2Talk