Business VS Consumer computer systems
2nd Jul 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

Why having business computer systems is vital for your organizations productivity

It is vital to have computer systems that are powerful enough to keep your organization functioning at speed, but what are the differences between consumer and business systems?

1) Longevity

Business computer systems are built to last. Manufactures assume general consumers will upgrade their systems more frequently as new technology comes out. This is completely different from business systems. Most organizations have plans in place for replacing technology every 4-6 years. Business systems are also designed for long usage hours without slowing down, which is very different from the mostly sporadic use a home computer is designed for.

2) Configuration

Business systems come with more options for configuration such as, additional storage space, higher-quality display, extra processors, extended battery life down to even more powerful keyboards. Some consumer models come with a few of those options, however, they don't have the same level of customizable features you find with business systems.

3) Power

HP business computers are built with much more powerful processors and graphic units than regular consumer models. They also come with larger cooling systems and larger batteries promising a longer running time without the risk of overheating and system failure. While consumer systems can usually be upgraded to add these features if needed, but with business computers, this all comes as standard as most companies will require this level of hardware.

4) Support

HP Business systems come with better support options and are more easily accessible by your IT department. The default warranty is typically extended longer on business models and get priority support from the manufacturer as they know how reliant businesses are on their computer systems.

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