Benefits of 3rd party servers
24th Jun 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

4 key benefits to everycloud servers 

Are you in the market for a cloud hosting solution? There are many different options available however we at ADNS recommend Everycloud, here are four key benefits to a dedicated cloud server.

Increased Level of Security

Everycloud uses a web security solution that prevents malware from entering your systems, detects advanced threats, protects personal data, and controls app use for all users on any device. The multi-layered defense system prevents a wide variety of cyber threats that would slip through most other cloud providers along with advanced data loss protection (DPL) to prevent data exposure and leaks across cloud services, apps, and web traffic.

Greater Access Control

With a dedicated server, admins are given 'root access', this level of access gives the admin a greater level of control over the hardware and software in your organization. This level of control would not be possible if resources or data on the server were being shared by different users.

Increased Performance

Compared to virtualized solutions like cloud hosting, dedicated servers will always perform at a higher rate even if the two solutions appear to have the same amount of CPU cores, RAM, or drive space. However, it is common for virtual solutions providers to oversell the resources of the servers they use. With Everycloud you get a dedicated server with accurately detailed specs with no over-selling, zero performance tax, and 100% of the servers capacity dedicated to you and your business.

Fast Customization & Scalability

A dedicated server can be quickly configured to meet the processing power and storage to fit your company's needs. Everycloud servers can be configured in thousands of different ways measuring you are getting the right equipment for your requirements.

Over time it is likely that the size of your server will need to change with the coming and going of employees. Changing the size of your server capability is a simple as opening a ticket with the sales team and scheduling updates at the time that suits your company.

To switch to a secure Everycloud server today get in touch with our expert technical team on 01642 248 750.