Are your devices due an upgrade
3rd Jul 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

The longevity of a computer system is a key concern. However, with desktop PCs, the answer is more complex. This is because desktop PCs offer a greater ability to customize the components to keep the system running at high levels for much longer than the system would normally be effective. This being said without upgrades on average your system will be effective for three years.

The same concern applies to laptops too. Most experts estimate laptops lifespan anywhere for 2-5 years depending on the hardware in the device. But how do you know when your devices are due an upgrade?

Leasing your systems is a great way to keep track of how old your systems are and when they are ready to be upgraded. When your lease runs out it may be time to look at some updated systems to ensure you have a device that will not only run effectively but will keep your data secure with updated security features.

Leasing is not only a great way to time upgrades but it can reduce the taxes your company pays out on your business equipment. Tax relief is the amount of money your business corporation tax bill can be reduced by. An example would be if your company made profits of £25,000 at a  corporation tax rate of 20% meaning the corporation tax liability will be £5,000. However, if your business spent £3,000 on leasing equipment, then instead of paying the 20% on £25,000 you would receive the same rate on £22,000 meaning you would have to pay only £4,400. In turn, reducing the corporations' tax liability by £600.

Below is an example of equipment purchased and the type of saving you can expect over 3 years of leasing instead of buying the systems outright.

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