Are Leased Lines Secure?
5th May 2021 In Security By Jack Francis

Are Leased Lines Secure? 

At a time when the risk of cyber-attacks looks almost inevitable, one of the big questions is, Are Leased Lines Secure?  

The answer is they are very secure. Leased Lines are also called ‘private’ lines and they are called this for a reason. Your provider reserves that line exclusively for you. This means that there is never any public traffic on your line, reducing vulnerability. Security measures will also be included in your service level agreement. As standard leased lines are monitoring 24/7/365 in relation to performance and security including the identification of attempted cyber-attacks. 

Leased lines come with static IP as standard, compared to most business broadband options that use dynamic IP. 


Will I be hacked? 

Attacks on leased lines are uncommon, and these dedicated connections are proving to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to boost security and minimise the risk of data exposure. Hacking a leased line is much riskier than hacking a business broadband connection, especially wiretapping which requires someone to be in the physical location. 


Be Secure 

You are much more likely to have your data compromised by an employee unwittingly opening a phishing e-mail or contracting a malware virus. Employee errors are the most common method of having your data hacked so education and training are key to reducing the chances of being hacked or getting a virus. 

Cyber Security must have a layered approach that protects all entry points for your network and responds to threats and attacks. You should design a Cyber Security plan starting with the access routes to your devices and networks and then deciding on defences you can employ.  

Finally effective backup and recovery are vital should the worst happen.