ADNS Install Cisco DUO for Local Accountants after Security Audit
23rd Aug 2022 In Case Studies By Scott Thornhill

Company Overview

Our client, a chartered accountant and business advisor has been serving Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas since 2002.  The organisation helps its customers with a wide range of financial services from accounting, to helping come up with business plans to dealing with tax enquiries.


The client wanted to add Cyber Insurance cover for their business and asked if we could undertake a review to ensure that the policy would be valid if purchased.


We completed a full cyber security review and identified one additional requirement. While Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) was in place for Microsoft services this needed to extend to cover all access. We recommended, provided and installed Cisco DUO, our preferred MFA and Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. The client was overjoyed that only the one addition was required and were impressed at the ease of install and use of the additional security feature.

Working with ADNS

ADNS provided exceptional Consultancy & Support and were really focused to deliver their mission of providing optimal network security for us, also by successfully exercising the fundamentals of their promise, such as offering a service we can rely on, making sure Cisco Duo was accessible and easy to use and making sure the software was a suitable response to our needs, we were fully satisfied as their mission and promise were the main selling points on why we decided to move over to ADNS for IT support.

In terms of IT Planning and Cyber Security, we can rest easy with the advice provided by ADNS and while many firms we know have been hit with successful cyber-attacks and hacks, we are happy to report none of the attempts on our business have been triumphant in the full time we have worked with ADNS.