ADNS Group provide effective solution for outdated IT infrastructure.
8th Jun 2022 In Case Studies By Scott Thornhill

Company Overview 

Founded in 2007, our client d building services organisation with over 15 years' experience in the trade. With customers across the region. Specialising in installing, maintaining, and designing systems that make buildings safe, convenient, and comfortable. 



The IT infrastructure was heading towards renewal and business were experiencing downtime and access issues leading to lost productivity and increased frustrations. 



A complete IT review was undertaken, and business servers were consolidated. In addition, the entire network was upgraded with managed switches & WiFi solution. The immediate issues were eliminated and in addition a faster performing IT network is now implemented. By moving to a fully managed network this now means that instant support can be provided to specific issues on the network and so fixes can be provided much quicker ensuring productivity impact is minimized.


Working with ADNS 

Working with ADNS for nearly 6 years, the client has entrusted us to not only look after their server but to be the appointed IT Department for the business, providing effective support and consultancy that delivers longer-term IT planning.