ADNS Group Proudly Announce Parntership with Knowbe4
10th Aug 2022 In News By Scott Thornhill

Who are Knowbe4?

Knowbe4 is an American based company who offers a revolutionary software program that helps strengthens a business ‘human fire-wall’, since most cyber-attacks are occurring due to human error. With offices internationally, Knowbe4 provide the materials to simulate a phishing attack across your business using authentic and proven templates on popular topics that hackers use in a real attack, they monitor your company’s response to the attacks and shows potential weaknesses in your employees’ knowledge. Knowbe4 is proud to announce that they hold the worlds largest catalogue of training material for cyber security awareness.

What Can this Parntership Offer?

ADNS work closely with Knowbe4 to deliver a robust phishing & training campaign to your organisation and offer full project management throughout the 12-month subscription. Our technical team will get all employees set up on our partner portal and appoint an administrator if necessary.

After all the accounts are set up, the project lead will analyse the nature of your organisation and industry, as well as taking points you may have discussed with your account manager to set up a tailor-made phishing campaign. This will be done by generating multiple varieties of phishing attacks and releasing them simultaneously to thoroughly simulate an actual cyber-attack attempt, covering all the topics and methods a real cyber criminal would use. We normally start with a one-off standard baseline campaign to access the current knowledge and understanding of cyber security to address any major red flags immediately. 

While the phishing campaigns are taking place ADNS will set up quarterly training modules, covering all the major topics revolving around cyber awareness. In additional, ADNS will set up smaller modules based around recent additions to the Knowbe4 library and/or modules relevant to your organisation based on feedback. We will continually maintain the training campaigns throughout the year to ensure not only all integral subjects are covered but that the training is kept up to date to keep up with the evolution of cyber-attacks but also individual to the organisation to guarantee effectiveness.

As part of the ADNS project management promise, we can create sophisticated, targeted reports without the headache, and make sure every employee is a strong building block of your human firewall. We can make complex reporting easy; we can analyse strengths and weaknesses of a workforce and amend campaigns if needed. We can present these reports in a user-friendly manner if necessary.

ADNS will be in touch to discuss the initial start of the program, if not they will be shortly, he will act as your point of contact if you have any questions or need any reports.