ADNS Group Introduces Cyber Awareness Program for Renewable Energy Client.
22nd Sep 2022 In Case Studies By Scott Thornhill

Company Overview 

Our client is a leading force with renewable technologies including Energy-from-Waste (EfW) and onshore wind. With a to produce clean, renewable energy are the communities in which we hope to develop and invest. As a responsible, people-focused company, we are committed to creating projects that bring long-term community benefits. This includes job creation, land restoration, public access, recreational opportunities and ecological enhancement. 


With staff working across the UK, accessing emails on laptops and mobile phones. ADNS suggested that additional cyber security education and training would provide significant value in terms of heightened cyber security defences for the business.  


ADNS implemented their preferred security awareness program - KnowBe4 and undertook management of the system. Knowbe4 provided phishing simulated attacks of varying sophistications and tailored training content to enhance the ability of a human firewall for the business.  

Working with ADNS 

Our client commented that it was great that ADNS don’t just look at the actual cyber security threat, ADNS identified a solution to assist in the education of staff to minimise the threat. The Client felt that this was going above and beyond, what a normal IT support service would provide.  

The Client was keen to stress that ADNS didn’t just provide IT support, ADNS make a point to look after their Information Security and that today this is something they now see as essential.  

Our Client encouraged ADNS to keep up the great work! Even though, this is still at an early stage of this project, our client has seen a vast improvement in their employee’s awareness of cyber security.