ADNS Futureproof Engineering Company With New System.
21st Jul 2022 In Case Studies By Scott Thornhill

Company Overview

Our client is a family-ran engineering company based in County Durham who is committed to provide the highest quality and lowest possible cost solutions to their customers, having operated in both the UK and international markets for over 20 years.


The client confirmed plans to move to the latest CAD solution for the engineering team, however needed to make sure the IT infrastructure included servers & PCs that could deal with the additional requirements to run the new system, to enable the engineers to work more effectively. There was also a requirement that this project be managed to an acceptable budget due to the increased economic pressures that all organisations now deal with.


ADNS completed a full evaluation and improved on their current system, paying close attention to possible future implications and potential business growth, so we increased the IT resource demand moving forward. This was to ensure the solution provided value for money and would deliver an infrastructure suitable to support the new system and the business for the next 4 to 5 years. In addition, a full network review was completed to ensure all related infrastructure and cabling would maximise on performance of the new system.

Working with ADNS

We worked closely with the client on this project, and by doing so the budget goals were achieved while delivering what the client described as a highly effective solution for the team delivered in a timely and professional manner. Completing projects such as this has helped us being able to retain and create loyal clients and being able to continually achieve what the client is requiring has helped us create a relationship with this customer which has lasted over a decade.