1st Oct 2020 In Case Studies By Jack Francis

'The fact that you take control of any issue is priceless!'

Prior to ADNS intervening, Station View Medical Centre had experienced terrible service and support, wasting precious man hours trying to get things resolved. Today Sarah has the confidence in the support she has in place with ADNS and is more than happy to take a back seat when it comes to all things telephony related, leaving her to run the practice.

The previous system at Station View Medical Centre was not designed to cope with high levels of calls and would fall over whenever things got busy, obviously in the midst of a pandemic this was going to be a disaster for the practice. Although lockdown had been implemented ADNS carried out a full installation within the practice to ensure that Station Views patients could reach out for help when needed. Any teething problems were ironed out straight away following installation.

ADNS service and support come highly recommended by Sarah." The fact you take control of issues and manage the service is the best thing ever, it’s priceless".