5 Tips on secure home working
9th Apr 2020 In Security By Jack Francis

As more people are working from home security risks are on the rise.

Corona virus has introduced a heavy burden on CISOs with the increase in romote working coupled with a sure in cyberattacks.

In order to lessen the burden of home working it is vital to have secure practices for all employees, to help meet these secure working standers there is a 5 pillar system to follow:

Secure Technology- A company should have a recomended list of products that should be instaled and configurated. There are multiple threat intellegence and attack analyis sources that can offer valuable insight into newly recomended hardware that are adapted to deal with the current cyber threats.

Security Team- Every team regardles of size needs a set of proceidures to follow to handle ongoing security opperations routinely. There proceidures must be reviewed and refreshed regulary, it is importiant to adapt these policies to adress spesific IT and cyberattack changes.

Workforce Knoldege- As many CISOs know IT issues are more likely to be caused by human error. With the increase in uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, people are more vunerable to social engineering manipulations. To minimise the risk of these cyber attacks it is vital to keep all employees aware and educated of spesific cyberattacks and how to avoid them.

3rd Party Service Providers- Whether your organization performs all its IT security in-house or not, now is the time to concider outsourcing some of the more skill dependant issues to an expert, or at least have your security reviewed from an outsider prospective.

Management Visibility- Organization's executives must have strong connections with CISO's efforts as well as the companies general security. Together these two teams must be revewing and updating company security proseidures that they both agree will be most effective.

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