5 Reasons to switch to a 3CX communication system
3rd Feb 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

How 3CX is keeping thousands of businesses connected 

3CX is an open standard communication system offering complete, unified communications for any business or industry. But in an age where communications are so important why should you trust a 3CX system to take charge of such a valuable part of your buisness?

3CX sets itself apart from its competitors with a lightning fast installation, any plug in phones or network gateways will be automatically configured and will run on an existing Windows or Linux machine. The process takes minutes saving you hours of configuration time setting up your network allowing you to start receiving calls almost instantly. Once installed the management is just as simple, software is automatically updated after being thoroughly tested by the 3CX team to avoid any issues after instillation.

With the 3CX android and iOS apps your extension goes everywhere with you allowing instant communication with anyone on the same network. Just like the plug-ins, the apps ae updated and tested regularly setting the standard for mobile VoIP apps with secure communications from end to end encryptions and a no hassle setup thanks to QR codes and remote configuration.

As video conferencing is becoming more and more essential in daily business communications, 3CX has made it easier than ever to connect with partners, customers and employees. With unlimited users on all 3CX packages and a simple to use design professional conferencing is only one click away. 

With 3CX's call center software multiple team members of various locations can come together in a cohesive unit to deliver the best customer service possible. Real time call tracking means in a busy environment no calls are lost in the system, 3CX Pro also allows call back options for those customers not willing to wait. Customer service tracking allows the user to check the business is running smoothly at any given time. Listen in on calls without the agent or customer knowing, or whisper to the agent giving you training opportunities in live calls. On the other hand you have the option to barge in if you are unsatisfied with the support the agent is giving on call.

 And of course saving the best for last, the price. Make interoffice calls for free as well as free outgoing calls from the mobile app saving you up to 80% on monthly phone bills. The sheer amount of features cuts costs on expensive conferencing software with no monthly subscription fees no matter the usage of the systems. So if pay per minute extensions are running up your business costs maybe its time to consider moving to PBX that wont break the bank while keeping the operation running at a professional level.

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