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Virtual Office

A hosted desktop solution provides all the benefits you would normally associate with a traditional I.T. infrastructure, but at a fraction of the cost.

Because your desktop is securely hosted and managed in the cloud it can be accessed from anywhere at any time and on any device. All of your data and applications can be accessed through the same desktop interface you are used to. Your employees can access company files on a shared drive, folder permissions can be restricted, you work exactly as you would sitting behind a desk in your office. 

There is no VPN requirement; you can login from anywhere with an internal connection. Hosted Desktop solutions reduce the need for large on-site servers and other hardware, such as desktop PC’s. freeing-up vital desk and floor space.

Telephony gets better with Virtual Office Softphone by transforming your computer into a feature-rich, web-based phone. Use it at the office or connect over Wi-Fi, the airport, coffee shop. A hotel room can be your office. Virtual Office Softphone visually and intuitively gives you everything your desk phone can do such as call transfer, call waiting, advanced call forwarding and 3-way calling.