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Telecoms – VoIP & Hybrid

VoIP allows you to make low cost telephone calls and also receive calls through a telephone system that uses just your internet connection and requires no onsite equipment.

Make and receive calls from any telephone or mobile in the world, as you would with a traditional fixed-line, the equipment or network being used by the other person is not relevant. All the hardware and infrastructure is hosted by the VoIP provider in secure data centres. 

Set-up is simple, configuration and management is via your own secure online dashboard where you can change number routing and phone configuration, access and manage voicemail, set up features and much more.

Hybrid telephone systems combine traditional telephony with cloud-based technology. A connection is made via ISDN networks, mobile interfaces or VoIP. Use of these various technologies allows hybrid systems to provide the benefits and the flexibility of both cloud-based telephone and on-site solutions.

This hybrid telephony solution offers functionality that is feature-rich, handling communication needs for all kinds of industries and organisations of all sizes.