Sophos, Security made Simple
15th Jul 2020 In Technology By Jack Francis

What is Sophos MTR

Sophos offers expert threat response that provides 24-hour threat detection and prevention capabilities managed by an expert team creating a fully managed service.

Threat notification is only a starting point.

It's vital to have the right tools in place to support your business from online threats anywhere in your network. However, very few organizations have these tools in place to effectively protect their sensitive data. Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR) goes beyond simply notifying your company of potential attacks and suspicious activity, the Sophos MRT team takes targeted action on behalf of you and your organization to neutralize the most sophisticated new and emerging threats.

 Built on Sophos Intercept X Advanced, Sophos MTR combines machine learning technology with expert analysis allowing for improved threat hunting and prevention and with further investigation on any threat alerts any potential attacks can be eliminated with speed and precision. With the combination of Intelligent threat responses and a world-class team of security experts, your company receives what Sohos call "Machine-Accelerated human response" reducing the risk of human errors resulting in cyber attacks.

Sophos MTR not only protects your entire network for cyber threats but gives you full control of how and when incidents are dealt with as well as the options to escalate responses. You are given control over what actions if any are taken by the Sophos team when responding to incidents and who should be included in communications when dealing with potential threats. The Sophos MTR features three levels of response giving your organization full control of how incidents are managed internally and externally:

Notify- Sophos notify you that a potential threat has been detected with details to help your organization prioritize and plan responses.

Collaborate- Sophos will work with your organization or external sources to plan an effective response to the detected threat.

Authorize- Sophos's expert technical team will handle containment and neutralization actions previously discussed while keeping you informed on the results.

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