Server Upgrade Helps Teesside School Enhance Teaching Capabilities
1st Dec 2022 In Case Studies By Scott Thornhill

Company Overview 

Our client is a LEA school based in Hartlepool, who are fully committed to ensuring children achieve their full potential through a fun, enjoyable and exciting school experience. Ensuring every child in the area has access to education and acting as a pillar to the local community. 



This school had several servers in place of various ages and with limited performance capability cause delays and issues for staff daily. 



We build a local server solution and design to deliver much needed improvement for local access. This formed part of an overall IT pan agreed to improve IT performance and network security. 


Working with ADNS 

Now working with the school for several years we have developed an effective IT plan to deliver on teaching needs and ensure effective security and safeguarding. The school has commented that this approach has not only improved the IT systems but also allowing for clear budget planning in relation to IT investment.