Law Firm Improves Comms With New Phone System
9th Dec 2022 In Case Studies By Scott Thornhill

Company Overview 

This experienced law firm has been serving the Redcar-and-Cleveland area for over 25 years. Experts in their chosen area of law, the business ensures an industry leading service is provided to all and offers around the clock service at every stage of the process.  


The client needed a comms solution that could allow incoming calls to be handled and easily transferred between their different offices. In addition, they needed the ability to connect with staff working from home or away from the office. 


We delivered a central 3cx phone system to manage office numbers and inbound call traffic could then be answered based on staff availability. With the additions such as the web client and mobile application delivered a solution that allowed staff to work from anywhere and be part of the phone system. 


Working with ADNS 

The client was impressed on how we dealt with the matter, from first consultation to final delivery. ADNS were praised for how all questions were answered in a quick and understandable manner, the flexibility of the service to ensure the installation was done with as little disruption as possible and the commitment to always keep their promise. ADNS have also received positive feedback after the installation complementing the 3CX phone system, saying it has made their jobs a lot easier and overall, less stressful.