Case Study - Responsive IT Support and Effective IT Changes..
24th Jun 2024 In Case Studies By ADNS IT Expert

Company overview
This company originally founded in 2008, is now an established leader in town planning consultancy with a reputation for solving all manner of planning and development problems. Their experience in this sector includes advising on small projects for private individuals in rural and urban settings right through to multi-million pound projects requiring full Environmental Assessment, including; industry, warehousing, commerce, retail and large-scale housing schemes. They also provide help for people to understand and object to unwanted planning proposals which land on their doorstep.

This client had experienced major issues with their local server failing causing major disruption today-to-day business procedures and the potential downtime was threatening to cost the company time and money.

ADNS Group provided an immediate temporary solution so the business could continue to function asnormal as we looked for a permanent fix with the client. We agreed on and installed a specifically designed server solution that would not only cause little disruption during set-up but would also increase the clients IT responsiveness allowing them to run more efficiently across the board.

Working with ADNS
Working with ADNS for close to a decade, the client has entrusted us to not only look after their server but to be the appointed IT Department for the business, providing effective support andconsultancy that’s delivers longer term IT planning.

Benefits to Client
- Responsive Support
- Increased Efficiency
- Proactive Consultancy

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