Case Study - Delivering a Managed Print Solution to a Remote Location
6th Jun 2024 In Case Studies By ADNS IT Expert

Company overview
A world class energy services company with over four decades of experience in construction, commissioning and plant operation on large scale projects worldwide. A proven track record of creating value for customers and delivering innovative service solutions.

Having won a new construction project in a remote location, the means to print onsite was needed, the problem being their was no network in place and the site was only a temporary site so minimum investment was needed.

ADNS delivered a solution that was both innovative and able to support the team on a temporary basis. Satellite based broadband was provided along with a multi-functional printer enabling the staff onsite to both print but also have access to the Internet remotely.

Working with ADNS
ADNS was approached to deliver an innovative solution having delivered on a number of complex solutions in the past for this large engineering firm. ADNS was able to design a solution that included all the expected costs over a short term that could also be extended if required for a longer term. Fitting in with the client's own values of creating value and delivering innovative service solutions.

Benefits to Client
- Increased Productivity
- Fully Managed Service
- Reduced Carbon Footprint
- Flexible Arrangements
- Reduced Print Costs

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